Tasuku Mizuno

Attorney / Representative director of “Arts and Law”, “Creative Commons Japan”

As a lawyer specializing in copyright and Internet-related information laws, I feel the importance of such a broad range of disaster-related information being widely available and visible to the public.

There are movements overseas to release government information to the public in an easily accessible way, such as “Open Government” and “Open Data”. This chronological table is put together by people working in the creative fields, such as designers, but I think it should have been made and published by the government. Regarding the disclosure of information, this chronological table demonstrated the importance not only of the disclosure itself but also of the information being presented in a clear, visual and easily understandable way to the public and being versatile in its usage.


What I personally found most important was that in the section regarding the “notable events , located at the bottom of the timeline, there was surprisingly little mention of legal and administrative matters. I .assume it does not indicate a lack of legal and administrative support relating to the earthquake. It perhaps indicates a lack of legal and administrative resources among the timeline creators’ management team and information providers. My opinion is that this lack of mention itself seems to prove the distance between the creative fields and law and administration. There is still much more to be done and that must be done by lawyers to fill the gap between the creative fields and law and administration. This chronological table also highlighted such a reality.

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