Out of the many disaster relief projects, we chose several that are noteworthy and asked about their activities in depth. We will continue our research on these projects, and post more interviews. We hope these examples are helpful for your upcoming activities.


Soul Flower Union “Mangetsu no Yube (Full Moon Evening)”

Takashi Nakagawa / Vocalist of Soul Flower Union

Takashi Nakagawa is the lead vocalist of the rock band “Soul Flower Union”. After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the band started going to evacuation shelters to perform “Demae-imon-live (delivery of live music to comfort the victims)” in the style of “chindon”, or traditional Japanese marching bands. “Mangetsu no Yube (Full Moon Evening)”, a song created through these live performances, became one of their best-known songs. In this interview, we ask them what urges them once again to perform music in those devastated regions and what they believe their activities can accomplish.

Does the Great Hanshin Earthquake Change Theater?

The Circumstance leading up to the publication of "Does the Great Hanshin Earthquake Change Theater?"

Ms. Yoko Kuki contributes about the Circumstance leading up to the publication of "Does the Great Hanshin Earthquake Change Theater?".

Hyogo Children’s Theater Oyako Theater Council and Circumstances Tour for Disaster-struck Areas

Ryoko Yonekawa / NPO Hyogo Children's Culture Promotion Association

As a coordinator, Ms. Ryoko Yonekawa was able to connect evacuation centers and the theater companies in various places immediately after the earthquake to deliver performances.

Minami Ashiyahama Beach Community & Art Plan

Hara Hisako / Art Producer, Professor, Osaka Electro-Communication University School of General Information

Ms. Hara talks to us about her projects deeply related to earthquake reconstruction that she was involved in, and her thoughts throughout the journey .


Freepaper “dictionary”

Moichi Kuwahara / Club King CEO, music compiler, producer

We spoke with Mr. Moichi Kuwahara, who recognizes the importance of on-going media coverage, and has reported on the earthquake from a unique perspective in various forms over the course of 5 years.

Assistive Device for Restroom Facilities at Temporary Housing

Jiro Sagara / Professor, Kobe Design University

About the survey on the situations at evacuation shelters after a couple of weeks after the earthquake hit Hanshin and Awaji area and devising a special stool.

Disaster Prevention Preparation Manual “Earthquake ITSUMO Note” (Earthquake Everyday Notebook)

Hirokazu Nagata / President, PLUS ARTS NPO

About the official guide book "Earthquake ITSUMO Note" published not to forget the knowledge and skills of disaster prevention we learned from Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Kobe Luminarie Message Card

Yukari Toi / Senior at Kobe Design University (at the time)

Ms. Yukari Toi started to question about the way event for earthquake reconstruction and prayer had become commercialized and she designed the Kobe Luminarie Message Card.


Kansai Volunteer Architects

Hiroaki Kimura/Ks Architects

Mr. Kimura called for help to his fellow architects in Kansai area to form a volunteer group to help victims in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. One week after the earthquake, the group initiated a house inspection at the home of the victims and continued this activity for a few months. Mr. Kimura resumed the initiative in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and has been actively involved in relief efforts.

Mikuradōri 5, 6, 7 chōme City Development Council

Mr. Yasuzo Tanaka / Former Chairman of the Mikuradōri 5, 6, 7 chōme City Development Council

In this interview, we ask Mr.Tanaka about the episodes of launch of City Reconstruction goroup and building co-operative houses in City Reconstruction at the Mikura district of Nagata-ku.



Ikuo Kobayashi / Community development company CO‐PLAN,Inc.

We interviewed Mr. Kobayashi about how these publications “Kimokusei”(meaning fragrant olive in Japanese) and“Fukkou Shimin Machizukuri” (re-creating the community for citizens) were born, and what he envisioned through these disaster recovery programs.

Network for Citizen-centered Restoration Projects in Kobe

Ikuo Kobayashi / Community development company CO‐PLAN,Inc.

Kobe / Tobu Shintoshin / HAT Kobe Development Plan

Ikuo Kobayashi / Community development company CO‐PLAN,Inc.

I asked Mr. Tatsuo Kobayashi how the plan progressed from before the earthquake into its present state after the earthquake, and what the objectives were as a symbol project.